April showers welcome in wake of unending snow

Erie finally received the memo that spring means it should not be snowing every single day. Personally, I’m incredibly excited, not only because I’m sick of wearing sweaters almost every day of the week, but because I hate cold weather.

I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve spent most of my life living in a place where it snows for most of the year or I’m just a wimp when it comes to cold weather, but I’ve always seemed to hate snow more than most people do.

Not only that, but it baffles me when I find there are people who actually enjoy snow. I don’t understand.

Their response is that the snow is pretty.

Yes, I understand that when you are inside with the heat on sipping hot chocolate by a fireplace, a little bit of snow can look quite aesthetic. However when I’m immersed in it while walking five blocks to class every day, driving on icy roads or having so much to the point that it’s turned to brown slush, I don’t particularly care whether it’s pretty.

I care that I’m cold, I can’t see more than 20 feet in front of me and my socks are wet.

Snow may be fun to play with when you are a little kid and you enjoy making snow men or enjoy throwing snowballs at your siblings, but after you’re done with the “fun,” you’re left with shivering hands and wet clothes that you have to change for the fifth time that day.

The older I get, the more I grow to dislike this frozen precipitation.

I do not understand how people go their entire lives living in these kinds of weather conditions, or why they come back to it after they leave, unless of course they’re coming back from the tundra.

Snow is bad enough on its own. Once wind is added to it, you can forget about me ever wanting to leave the apartment. The problem is that I have no choice because it’s always windy in Erie and it snows every single day from October till the first week of April.

So, in short, this weather encompasses most of the time we spend at Gannon. This is the kind of weather we live through during our time together.

I find it incredible that people don’t understand why I want to stay in my room, or inside, when the temperature is 16 degrees and the wind is blowing directly in my face, as it seemingly does not matter which direction you walk in.

Anyway, I’m so excited that specific sort of weather has finally begun to die down. Despite the fact that snow covers Erie for almost half of a year, once it’s done, the weather can actually be pretty decent.

For most of the summer, temperatures generally tend to stay above 60 degrees, which is not anything to complain about, especially when we had 20 degree weather about a week ago.

Before everyone goes home, if you want to give some sort of redempFtion to the icicle that is Erie, Pa., try to stop by Preque Isle and lay on the beach for a while, check out some of the scenery or grab an ice cream cone from Sara’s.

Here’s looking forward to two of the three months of the year where we don’t have to worry about trudging through snow on the way to class.



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