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Sentimental feelings elicited by upcoming break

At the beginning of senior year, I pictured myself writing sentimental columns left and right about the end of my undergraduate college career. It was going to be tragic and sob-worthy material, for which I was bound to win all kinds of awards.

Kidding, at least about the awards.

But now that I’m halfway through the year, I’ve managed to do a pretty decent job of avoiding that topic. At least until now.

More than anything else, the near approach of spring break has done me over. I feel like I’m turning out the lights on my life as a student for the very last time.

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Of course this is a little drastic, considering I plan to attend graduate school next year, and it very well may be at Gannon. But the fact remains that I, along with hundreds of other seniors, will be a Gannon alumna in less than three months.

Can you say terrifying?

It didn’t really hit me until this week, when I went to Target to get some essential supplies for my spring break trip.

I have gone to New York with (almost) the same people every spring break during college.

We leave on Monday, spend two nights at the DoubleTree Suites in Times Square, see two shows, go to the same piano bar at least once, get into the same old shenanigans and leave contentedly Thursday afternoon.

We pack every moment full of fun and new adventures, including the nine-hour train rides to and from the city. Each train ride so far has included either a disproportional amount of Amish or a 1 a.m. drug bust in the middle of nowhere.

That’s the life, man.

But while I was buying my travel-size shampoo this week I realized that this could possibly be our last spring break trip to the city that never sleeps.

While I know that I will still have a spring break in grad school, I may not have the time (or money) to commit to the trip next year.

One advantage I have going for me is that the friends I go with all live in Erie with fully established jobs; even if I leave for school, they aren’t going anywhere and their schedules are more flexible than mine.

Theoretically, the trip can still go on.

I still feel the need, though, to cherish next week to a different extent than I have in the past. Just the thought that it could be our last trip is worthy of bringing me to tears.

I am really going to miss being an undergraduate.

Even though I’ve still got half a semester left, I know it’s going to go by faster than I’d like it to. I don’t feel ready to graduate, and I especially don’t feel ready to leave The Knight.

While I think we’ve been doing some really good work this year – and particularly this semester – the fact that we’ve only got six issues left this semester is starting to scare me.

That’s six more Perspective columns to get my point across; six more issues to prove my writing and reporting skills before I presumably give up journalism forever.

Strangely, though, I don’t feel – in any way – that my experience at The Knight has been for naught, despite my lack of wanting to make it a career.

I’m just entirely not ready to say goodbye.



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