Oscars present new attitude toward infamous actress

Everyone who was surprised to see Kristen Stewart arrive at the Oscars looking like a hot mess, raise your hand.


No, as usual, KStew arrived on the red carpet in all her just-rolled-out-of-bed glory. She wore a glazed expression and seemed to have forgotten to brush her hair.

And oh yeah, she was on crutches.

Word is she cut her foot on some broken glass, but that didn’t stop her many critics – myself included – from making snarky remarks about her limp and noticeable arm bruising.

A girl attended my junior prom on crutches, and it was actually very sweet. She wrapped the crutches in blue ribbon that matched her dress and made her way through grand march, her date walking beside her. Along the way, parents and other onlookers smiled sympathetically.

KStew shows up to a formal event on crutches and the response is more like a roast. Scathing articles hit the web and comment threads lit up with words like “junkie” and “trainwreck” and “personality of a brick.”

I know the first thing I thought when I saw her wasn’t “You go, girl,” but “Man, what a moron.”

I began to wonder, though, why exactly she invites such derision.

The crutches weren’t really to blame. For god’s sake, Liberty Ross went braless in a mesh minidress at the Vanity Fair after party. Who cares about some crutches?

She didn’t make any friends when she cheated on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with the married director of “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Neither did Brangelina. The public eventually moved past the scandal.

My problem with KStew probably has a lot to do with my natural tendency to scoff at anything related to “Twilight.” But according to most media outlets, Kristen Stewart hated the series as well, calling its fans “mindless.” Whether or not she enjoyed playing Bella Swan, the girl got paid something like $12 million per film to mope around and make out with hunky actors. I wouldn’t pass that up.

True, her acting skills could use work. She wasn’t half bad in “Speak,” the indie film based on the novel of the same name by Laurie Halse Anderson. Then again, she played a confused, depressed, near-mute teenager reeling in the aftermath of rape. Her performance in that movie parallels her current persona. Shouldn’t that be worrisome?

Plenty of celebs, musicians especially, wander Hollywood with a similar detached, heroin-chic attitude and maintain loyal followings. At least KStew never bit the head off a dove. (Looking at you, Ozzy.)

Let’s not forget the bruises. I don’t mean to preach, but since when did the slightest possibility of physical abuse become hilarious?

Rather than get annoyed by Kristen Stewart, I’ve decided I feel sorry for her.

Besides, there are much more pressing annoyances in everyday life. Like ice cream freezer burn and people who put clothes on their dogs.



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