Half-semester point sneaks unsuspectingly into view

The first half of the spring semester is already almost over. I don’t know how most people are feeling, but for me, this semester has gone by really quickly.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been so busy every day or it’s because this semester just seems short with all of the breaks we get.

Either way, I hardly noticed the first half go by so quickly.

You would think this is a good thing right? I would too, but I am sadly mistaken.

Being almost halfway through the semester means that midterms have snuck up on me and I don’t feel like I’m ready to take them at all.

I really hope there are others out there who know how I’m feeling because otherwise I’m going to be holing up all by myself right before break.

Aside from the fact that it’s almost time for midterms, after spring break there will only be half a semester left for me to get everything done in my classes.

This may not seem so bad to some people, but if the second half of the semester goes by as quickly as the first half of the semester did, finals week is going to be upon me and I’m not going to be prepared at all.

I know I’ve been at Gannon for more than one semester and I should know how quickly the semester seems to go by, but honestly a year ago it didn’t seem so bad when I was taking classes that weren’t nearly as demanding the ones I’m taking now.

I’m positive I wasn’t nearly as busy spring semester of last year, so I think this semester just goes by quickly for some reason.

It could be because there’s only a month break between fall and spring semester and the break between spring and fall semester is almost four months.

Still, that leaves some people stuck wondering where the first half of the semester went and how I can make sure I’m not feeling this way finals week.

I know you may think finals week is way too far in the distant future to be thinking about right now, but if midterms have crept up on you and you don’t know what to do, don’t let finals do the same thing.

If you have midterms coming up next week start studying now.

At least you’ll have a few days of a head start to try to remember what exactly it is you’ve learned this semester.

For those of you whose schedules don’t clear up for the next half a week, at least now you know that we’re almost halfway done.

If you can’t take the time to rigorously study, try and look at your syllabuses and figure out when your midterms are, so you’re not taken by surprise when a test is handed to you.

If nothing else, if you know there’s nothing you can do about the impending midterm exams, don’t let finals sneak up on you as midterms might have.

Keep in mind after spring break that there’s only a half a semester left for you to prove to yourself why you’re in college in the first place.



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