Staff thanks those who read, contact

This has been one of the most interesting news weeks in the course of the entire 2012-2013 academic year so far.

We know that it’s partially, of course, because we’re trained to know what constitutes news.

And in case you haven’t read the news section yet, the departure of a such a short-term provost is most definitely news.

Really, the departure of any person in such a high position is news.

But we’ve also had the unveiling of a big new project – Another Bright Idea, the immediate appointment of a new provost, the unveiling of the 2013-14 budget and Student Government Association’s declaration that the student body wants a crosswalk on Eighth Street.

The other way we know for sure that this is a big week, though, is because people are actually talking to us.

Countless students, professors and other assorted faculty members have expressed to the editors of The Knight that they were looking forward to this issue.

Never before have so many of us been approached by interested readers.

It feels so good to know not only that people are trusting us to tell the story, but they’re actually reading the paper at all.

After all, that’s all we really want here.

Well, and more writers. Always more writers.

But if you don’t tell us you’re reading, we don’t necessarily know.

In all sincerity, we want to thank the people who have given us feedback this week and in previous weeks. Good or bad, it makes us feel fantastic that you’re reading at all.

And if we’re not made aware of what you think, we’re never going to do anything to change the things you don’t like.

So thank you, to those who read. And an even more special thank you to those who use the contact information we provide every week.