Super Bowl leads to home victories

One of the biggest – OK, the biggest – games of the year is coming up this weekend, and we at The Knight are getting pumped.

While many of us don’t pay much attention to sports in general, we all recognize that there’s something about the Super Bowl.

It simply can’t be missed.

But we took a step back to wonder what the world would be like if we all treated the sporting events at home like we do this annual event.

We’re not referring to the quintessential Pittsburgh-Cleveland matchups, but rather those that take place at Gannon University.

We can’t help but wonder whether it might make a difference if students were to show as much support on home turf as they do on Super Bowl Sunday.

Sure, it’s more of a commitment, but it also means a lot more to the teams at home.

When we’re all sticking together, rooting for the same team, it creates bonds among students and ties to the university that are hard to accomplish any other way.

There’s got to be some truth in the adage of power by numbers.

It’s not that we need to win more – though it would be a nice perk.

But the thrill of the game, according to those of us who have played a sport or two in our youth, means much more when you’ve got the support you need to back you up.

Though we’re not trying to say the support at Gannon is terrible, we as students could always be doing more to support our teams.

Win or lose, a family should stick together.

So whether you find yourself cheering or crying by the end of the game Sunday, remember there’s always something to cheer for at home.