Use homecoming as excuse for spirit

Gannon University has come upon election time once again.

While there just might be bigger and better things going on, the election we’re talking about is Homecoming.

You know, the one where an event meant for alumni turns into a formal frenzy for students.

All joking aside, though, Homecoming weekend is about much more than fancy attire and football games.

It’s a time for the Gannon community to come together and celebrate the one thing we all have in common: this university.

For one weekend, let’s all put our grievances about Gannon – roommates, classes, professors, classmates – to bed and concentrate on why we chose this place for something as precious as our education.

That’s nothing you would trust with just any old school.

If nothing else, there’s always a reason to celebrate the fact that we all chose Gannon for ourselves.

We placed an enormous amount of trust in this university, and as long as we’re still here, it’s our duty to appreciate it.

This Homecoming, let’s sport our best maroon and gold and make a show of our appreciation.

Let’s awkwardly display our best school spirit. Go to the parade. Go to the dance. Cast a vote.

And, maybe on a more serious note, let’s cast our Homecoming ballots for the people we think represent this university at its finest.

After all, that’s what it’s really about; this is far more than a popularity contest.

Use Homecoming weekend as an excuse to think about what you really love about Gannon, and why you chose to go here.

And remember as you’re making your Homecoming vote count that there’s a slightly bigger election to worry about in the coming weeks.

We’ll discuss that one next week.