Editor explores options on newer social media outlet

If you aren’t addicted to the Internet like I am, you might not know the disappointment of a failed attempt at something on Pinterest.

Pinterest, in a nutshell, helps users to organize their lives. More popular boards include categories such as weddings, recipes and crafts.

Some of my favorite things to look up are hairstyles, clothes and nail designs. I also look up recipes, but I consider myself to be less than talented in that arena, so there are very few recipes that I’ve actually attempted.

Last week, I decided to try one of the nail patterns I saw online. I was feeling particularly ambitious, so I tried a style titled “galaxy nails.” The punny side of me thought that they would be out of this world.

The colors for this style included a black background followed by smudging a light blue polish in the middle, a smaller smudge of pink and a little more than a speck of dark purple. It looked really awesome on the Internet.

The directions said to smudge the colors onto your nails using a makeup sponge. I did not have any at the time, so as opposed to buying some, I decided to use a mix of tissues and cotton balls.

I could tell that it wasn’t going to end well from the moment I started using the blue polish. Some of the cotton ball was sticking to my nail and I couldn’t get it off without removing some of the other nail polish.

So the next logical step for me in this adventure was just to leave it on. At this point it couldn’t hinder what the outcome would’ve been. And I was too lazy to pick it off.

I felt like after that it got progressively more difficult to blend everything and make it looks somewhat decent. After a while, having everything look like I wasn’t painting my nails with my eyes closed was the goal.

Following many trials, tribulations and a lot of nail polish remover, I finally had something that looked like how Jackson Pollock would have painted my nails. I thought they looked horrible.

To my surprise though, nobody else did, and if they did they didn’t tell me. I got a lot of positive feedback from my friends who really liked how it looked and a friend from high school who commented on a picture I posted on Instagram saying that when she tried it, the results were disastrous.

I also, to my great surprise, managed not to pick at them for a good amount of time. That was until they started chipping, raising my impulse to pick at them, despite how much time and frustration they cost me.

I feel like this experience, despite how irritating it may have been sort of helped me to build character. I often consider irritating and character-building to be synonyms, though, so I guess that makes sense.

Either way, I’ve been inspired to attempt to do more of the crafty things that I find on Pinterest, even if I get frustrated in the middle of the process, which I more than likely will.



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