Knight Vision

As we all open our textbooks to their final pages this week, let’s keep in mind that we’ve still got a week of finals to get through before we say goodbye.

Not to mention that, for most of us, this isn’t goodbye – it’s just see you in August.

The Knight, however, will be saying farewell to a few gems as we wrap up the spring semester – namely our beloved editor-in-chief Zack McDermott, news editor Tessy Pawlowski, arts & leisure editor Jacob Tarr; copy editor, Courtney Lewis and our photo coordinator Deadria Clarke.

We wish them the best of luck in all of their future adventures and endeavors.

As we say goodbye, we also say hello to some brand-new staff members, and welcome back more helpful hands.

The 2012-2013 Knight will be spearheaded by editor-in-chief Kelly Moreland. Her position of features editor, meanwhile, will be taken by Christine Peffer – currently the assistant sports editor. April Shernisky will step in as the assistant features editor.

Current assistant features editor Diane Cassarly will claim the spot as arts & leisure editor, with the help of new assistant arts & leisure editor Khadija Djellouli.

Dan Kubacki will move up the ladder to news editor, while his spot as this year’s assistant news editor will be taken by Hiba Almasri.

Joe Cuneo will remain the sports editor for another year of fun on the field. If any one of you reliable readers is interested in applying for the position of assistant sports editor, please contact Moreland at [email protected]

We’re also introducing photo coordinator Mitchell Losey and roundtable editor Colleen Langham. Finally, Meghan Murowsky will remain the business manager for another semester.

We wish all of the 2012 Gannon University graduates success, and we look forward to a triumphant new school year, not only for The Knight, but for the university as a whole.