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September 22, 2023
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September 22, 2023

Knight Vision

Years from now if you want to visit the entirety of Gannon University you’ll need more than the Knight Rider to do it.

In fact, your frequent flier miles probably wouldn’t even be able to cover the travel. If all goes according to plan, you’ll have to hop a flight to India to see it all.

At first glance, establishing a branch campus in India makes as much sense as a parachute in a submarine.

Although the plan is in its infancy and many particulars haven’t been ironed out, there are still questions that need answered, especially for students.

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The first, why is this being considered? Other than a loosely-defined “globalization,” what are the reasons for potentially doing this? Hopefully there are reasons for the move other than trying to improve its financial security.

Secondly, who’s paying for it? If it’s privately funded with money specifically donated for the purpose of the campus that’s one thing, but The Knight has a hard time believing the plan can justify raising tuition for a campus that not many here will see.

Next, how would this affect things at the Erie campus? Money or focus taken away from updating the stone-aged Carneval Athletic Pavilion or the 1970s-inspired Nash Library won’t be met with enthusiasm.

Also, what would the American student access be to the campus? Could students study abroad and would there be any extra cost in tuition to do it?

Lastly, are there any alternative ways to globalize Gannon? We understand and agree that diversity is something to be desired, but at what cost? Maybe it would be better  to focus on making it easier for students in India to come to Erie instead of the university going overseas.

These questions need to be answered in a satisfactory way eventually. So The Knight is urging students to either think for yourself, or get ready for some new postcards in the mail.

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