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Others’ thrill of victory, agony of defeat brings joy of being right

When Tom Brady’s last-second heave into the end zone fell to the turf, my arms flew into the air so fast that onlookers would’ve thought I got caught robbing a bank.

The scene was too emotional to resist.

No, I wasn’t particularly invested in the Giants. No, I wasn’t rooting for the Patriots either. I was, however, right.

And God, it felt so good.

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The G-Men’s 21-17 victory over the Patriots – not far off from my 28-17 prediction – led to epiphanies about myself that a burning bush could never tell me.

The first – I’m obsessed with being right. I love it more than if I were eating salsa in the Bahamas from atop the Atlantis Hotel while getting a massage from Katy Perry.

I love it more than I would watching the Pirates win the World Series from inside a private luxury jet high in the clouds with only Lady Gaga and Emma Watson.

Hell, I’d cut off my nose to prove my face wrong.

The thrill of using deductive reasoning to analyze facts, stats and trends, and come to conclusion that we in the business call “correctomundo” is second to none.

I would go skydiving or break a few laws if I wanted a similar adrenaline rush, but it just wouldn’t be as exciting.

“You’re right,” is in constant competition with “Roethlisberger is sacked,” for the honor of my favorite phrase in the English language.

I’m not saying I’m always right, but I sure enjoy it when I am.

This year’s Super Bowl taught me that going hand-in-hand with my affinity for the positivity is my enjoyment of banter.

My parents call it arguing; I say it’s debating.

If you say white, I say black. If you tell me to walk, I’ll say, “Why not run?” I don’t really have any idea why either.

Maybe it’s because my dad taught me to be skeptical about everything. Maybe it’s because I believe that if you’re not thinking, you’re not growing.

But I do know the chess-like battle of matching wits through words and points through prowess dresses up conversations but wears my friends’ patience thin.

Some people like to play Angry Birds with others. I like to play Angry Bros. The problem is that although I only jest, it isn’t always taken as such.

It’s gotten to the point that if I don’t believe strongly in something, I’ll take either side. If you loved the final episode of the TV series “LOST,” I’ll tell you why it ruined the show. If you hated it, I’ll say it was one of the best episodes of the series.

It’s something I’m not necessarily proud of and I’m not exactly sure what it says about my personality but it’s the truth. Take it or leave it. Hate it or love it. I’ve come to grips with it.

So from now on, you can say, “You’re right” or, like I prognosticate, you can keep quiet.

Just remember that no matter what you choose to do, I’ll be right.


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