Knight Vision

We’re not sure how many around campus have noticed what’s happening at the One Green World Café, but judging by the amount of students in there during a few visits, we assume not many.

Gannon University’s newest venture started the week closed –  although only temporarily.

The length of leash the university is using for the café and the amount of losses it’s willing to take before pulling the plug is unknown. However, The Knight strongly urges Gannon to not give up after six months, two semesters or two years.

There are very few businesses today – or even in a good economy – that turn a profit in their first year and if there is any organization today that could operate a business at a loss easily, it’s a university.

Students ranging from sophomores to seniors know that brick building on the corner of Fourth and Sassafras streets as Antlers, not One Green World Café. They remember it as a dive bar with cheap alcohol and karaoke, not a coffee shop focused on bringing the world together.

Some of these students may be bitter or find the new goal laughable but that’s only because they knew what it was before. Like any new college freshman, the café needs time to adjust and find its niche in the university.

The Knight suggests keeping it open for two, three or even four years before deciding to make any drastic alterations. As each class graduates, more students will view One Green World Café  the coffee shop as an inherent part of campus.

Like a football coach who needs a college generation to recruit his own players, the One Green World Café needs time to develop its regular customers.

Gannon obviously had big plans for the building when it purchased the property and adjacent parking lot for $447,000. We just hope they don’t close it while the coffee is still hot.