Don’t mask morals during Halloween

Throughout the early stages of our development we’re constantly told to be ourselves, not to change our personality for anyone and to, at last, never pretend we’re somebody else.

But when the calendar flips its way to Oct. 31, we’re encouraged not only to ignore that advice, but to forget we ever heard it.

And that’s what makes our society’s revelry in Halloween so odd.

Costumes originally marketed for children have, over time, found them- selves taking on a therapeutic role for adults – allowing us to temporarily escape the person we’ve spent the past 364 days being.

No one ever said that a little fun was wrong.

But the rub occurs when this respite goes from an opportunity to have a fun evening out to an excuse to make poor decisions that have an effect long after the costumes are taken off.

So although we, at The Knight, encourage you to have fun this Halloween, please do so responsibly.

Just because you dressed like Superman, doesn’t mean you are Superman.

The same amount of alcohol that would affect Johnny Smith is the same amount that’ll wreak havoc on Johnny Superhero.

Just because your costume makes you look like Kim Kardashian doesn’t mean your morals should go out the window too.

Lord knows, the only thing more awkward than the walk of shame Sunday morning is a walk of shame in a Cleopatra costume.

So take our patriarchal advice to heart and have a blast – it’s our one chance to play grownup dress up and not be ostracized for it.

Just make sure you don’t leave your values or smarts at home with your regular clothes.