Editor reaches end of college journalism career

This is it. My last Tuesday production night of The Knight. My last column. As I write this, the end of three years of my life will come in less than 12 hours, and yet it doesn’t feel real. Tonight when I leave the office, I will never need to put together another issue of The Knight. It’s a weird feeling.

Brenna Peters, managing editor, news

As much as I complained about all the time I spent here, being part of The Knight really was a great thing for me. Those Tuesday nights that turned into Wednesday mornings actually weren’t as awful as they could have been.
I have my other editors to thank for making Tuesday nights as awesome as they were. Putting together a 16-page paper every week was a lot of work, but everyone I worked with over the years made the hours go by quickly.
When I came to The Knight in February 2007, I didn’t think I’d make friends with my fellow editors. I rarely talked or left my corner of the office. But I met one of my best friends during my time at The Knight. She started out as my assistant and our trip to Jordan helped seal our friendship. Thank you, Theresa, for being the awesome person you are.
There are more people I must thank for helping me over the years. Bear with me – I feel like I’m accepting an award.
Thank you, Mom, for pushing me to continue on with The Knight. There were times when I got tired of running a section, but you helped me stick with it.
I must also thank you, dear readers, for actually taking the time to read my column each week. I must apologize for the abundance of South Korean pop columns I forced upon you. And I’m glad people cared about my brother. As a final update, Gideon is back at Camp Pendleton in California, and he’ll return to Erie on May 6.
I owe many thanks to Sara Toth, for physically throwing a copy of Marjane Satrapi’s “Persepolis” at me following our Introduction to Linguistics class and telling me to review it. She started my career at The Knight by forcing me to write for arts and leisure. I have her to thank for my love of writing book reviews.
My biggest thanks go to Frank Garland. If it weren’t for him and The Knight, I’d probably still be the lost little girl I was during my freshman year. I know I avoided becoming part of The Knight – much like everyone else – but joining The Knight really was the best thing that happened to me during my time at Gannon. Thank you, Mr. Garland, for everything.

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