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The Dog Days of Winter

February 2, 2024/12a

Erie, Pa. — During this time of year, the days are dragging on. Night falls so quickly leaving you wondering where the day has gone. The accumulation of recent snow has also left us feeling stuck.

I have been dealing with this feeling of being trapped amid winter. I find myself always wanting to go somewhere. Feelings of always being on the move have elevated especially after being stuck inside during the pandemic.

When the recent power outage and large snowfall occurred, I was unable to go anywhere off campus because I was concerned about the roads. Also, I found myself not leaving my dorm other than to go to class, meetings, and to study in the library.

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Regardless of the mobility issues caused by the snow, the mental drain accompanying it is worse. This time of year leaves me wanting to sleep more and do less, which isn’t feasible as a busy college student.

To combat the unpredictable Erie weather, my mentality has been to control what I can rather than focus on what I can’t control.

It is easy to feel sluggish at home in this weather. Take the moment to clean your room. You will feel the best in a clean environment. Plus, it will motivate you to do more as well.

Another tip I have is to use a good method of organization. That mental to-do list that fills your mind as you sit around on a cold, winter day can be a burden. Getting an effective planner is a must, especially as a student! Putting these tasks on paper to delegate them makes life less stressful.

More importantly, put it in multiple places where you can see it is most important. As a type A, PA major I have multiple calendars. I have a whiteboard calendar that I can see from my bed before I go to sleep.

As the secretary of Gamma Sigma Sigma, I make our events calendar to see the events all in one place, which I find immensely helpful. I also have a Google calendar and a physical planner that includes my work schedule, exam dates, and important dates for The Gannon Knight.

These methods may seem tedious; however, the amount of stress you will prevent is revolutionary.

Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is particularly important during this time of year. Being sure to take the time to get exercise, whether that be a daily walk, etc. is especially important. Also, be sure to take your supplements! Many individuals are deficient in vitamin D, especially during this time of year. It can be beneficial to take supplements to ensure overall health; however, consult with your primary care provider to see if they would be beneficial for you.

Understanding that these feelings are normal this time of year is important. If they progress to something worse, it is important to seek appropriate help. The Gannon Health Center is a great on-campus event that is accessible to all students. They can be contacted here: Gannon Health Center.

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About the Contributor
Aubree Etling
Aubree Etling, Roundtable Editor
Hello, Aubree Etling is a third year in the Physician Assistant program. She is from Jeannette, PA. She is also the secretary of Gamma Sigma Sigma as well as a member of GUSPAS. This semester is her first time writing for The Gannon Knight for the Roundtable.

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