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A Mental Reset: Changing Perspectives:

Appreciating the world around us and things we take for granted.

November 10, 2023/12:00a.m.

November is the month of giving thanks. As the academic semester comes to an end, these feelings of appreciation are sequestered by stress from upcoming exams, assignments, projects, etc. As you walk around campus you will hear individuals discussing their stress. Recognizing stress is particularly important. Dealing with this accumulating stress by vocalizing your stress to others, is okay.

Do not get me wrong, I am one of those individuals who vocalizes my stress. I believe it is important to make your feelings heard; however, recognizing that this stress can be something you can appreciate is a unique perspective that I am trying to implement into my life.

Often, I feel students forget that going to Gannon or any university in that manner is a blessing.

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Having the opportunity to be academically challenged to pursue your dreams is a privilege.

Being surrounded by loved ones, whether it be friends or family, to support you is something to be thankful for.

Although these ideas of stress and these mental to-do lists occupy our thoughts, it is important to take a moment and appreciate how we got here.

To change my perspective on stress, I am trying to reset my brain in a sense in terms of how I process and express my stress.

Here are a few examples of phrases that I hear individuals say, including myself, that I am rephrasing in attempts to have a different outlook on life:

For example, instead of saying things such as, “I am so behind others, I will never catch up.”

Rephrasing this to be, “I recognize and appreciate others’ hard work; however, I am making my path that I can be proud of.”

Seeing your peers around you and recognizing that they are farther ahead can be stress-inducing. Yet, remembering that everyone is on their path is important. Recognizing that everyone’s path will look different as well is important.

Another phrase you will commonly hear is, “I am tired and frustrated with school and life right now. I am ready to give up.”

This could be rephrased as “I appreciate the opportunities that are given to me no matter how exhausting they are. I am thankful for the opportunities that will allow me to make a difference in many lives.”

School and life can be tiring and frustrating. Expressing and letting yourself feel these emotions is important. Appreciating these opportunities is even more important.

Likewise, a phrase that I hear is, “I cannot accept failure or be anything less than perfect.”

I fell victim to this statement. I find myself either thinking it or saying it due to the high expectations I have for myself. I must recognize that failure is a part of growth.

Everything may not click or make sense in this current moment but have faith that it will.

This ties into recognizing that the paths we are creating for ourselves are not linear. Understanding that the challenges presented to us are important to our growth.

Taking these stressful times and appreciating them for what they are is important. As cliché as it sounds, you will only live this time of your life once, appreciate it for what it is.

Acknowledging your stress, working through it, and then taking the time to do a mental reset is important for your health.

As Thanksgiving approaches, take the time to think about those opportunities you have and the people in your life that you may take for granted.

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About the Contributor
Aubree Etling
Aubree Etling, Roundtable Editor
Hello, Aubree Etling is a third year in the Physician Assistant program. She is from Jeannette, PA. She is also the secretary of Gamma Sigma Sigma as well as a member of GUSPAS. This semester is her first time writing for The Gannon Knight for the Roundtable.

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