Endangered Alphabets Exhibit

Melissa Carlson, Staff Writer

Erie, Pa, March 14, 2023—Tuesday March 7th, a select group of students as well as a few English professors join Tim Brookes, founder of the Endangered Alphabets project.

Melissa Carlson, Senior Secondary English Major with Theology minor, has chosen to speak on her experience.

I was given the opportunity to meet and converse with Tim Brookes, our most recent speaker in the CHESS speaker series. I, first met Mr. Brookes in the library where I helped him set up his reception, read some of the descriptions of his work, and walked around looking at his incredible carvings.

This is not something I have seen or learned about before and his work was fascinating.

After the reception, I had the honor of attending a dinner with Mr. Brookes, some of the faculty of CHESS, and a couple of other students. During this dinner, we discussed a variety of topics including Tim Brookes’ life and where he had traveled and worked.

Mr. Brookes shared his experience working for a newspaper in which he wrote article reviews for a variety of works. He shared the different experiments he conducted during his time as the reviewer such as writing only three-word sentences for one of his articles.

Mr. Tim Brookes was an interesting man to listen to. He was very funny, light-hearted, and passionate about the work he had been doing.

He was more than happy to share his life experiences and the steps he took to get where he was today. As we discussed over dinner, it was inspiring to see where he began and where he is now.

Thanks to his carvings, Mr. Brookes is bringing awareness to many different “endangered alphabets.” To check out Tim Brookes carvings, head to the first floor of the Nash Library.

The carvings will be prominently displayed in Nash Library until March 27th, be sure to check out these fantastic carvings which showcase the Endangered Alphabets.