Enjoy time off for spring break

Spring break is closing in as fast as the next Erie snowstorm, and the Knight’s editorial board is not alone when we exasperatedly say, “Thank God.”
Friends from home have started blowing up your phone asking what your plans are while your mom’s cooking is preparing to rediscover its taste-bud dominance.
But unfortunately for us not attending state schools, we get to enjoy our spring break with a foot of snow covering most of our hometowns.
Talk about a bad joke.
Whether you’ve spent your past two weeks in a library, lab, hospital or newspaper office, a little rest and recreation is quite a reasonable request.
But just because not all of us will bask in the southern sun, gawk at passing girls in bikinis or sit on a white sandy beach doesn’t mean that spring break has to be a complete waste.
Instead of moping around the house, cursing out Mother Nature, spend time doing something you normally don’t get a chance to at school.
Can’t find a spring break service trip anymore? Head up to your local food bank or homeless shelter.
Pick a book and read for you own enjoyment for once.  Textbooks and heavy reading have made us numb to the feelings that a well-written passage can give off.
Even spend the extra time by going for a run or working out.
The point is, no matter what you decide to do over this week of complete freedom from scholastic obligations, make sure to partake in something different.
If you do it enough, you might even be eager to make your way back to dreary Erie at the start of March.
Make sure to also schedule some time to sleep and recharge your brain because once we get back, it’ll be pedal to the metal for the next 30 days.
Most importantly – enjoy it. The arduous part is over. The eventual change of weather combined with only two months of classes will make the remainder of the semester fly by faster than you think.
Now that’s something to thank God about.