Gannon discusses the closure of the beloved Knight Club

Molly Begeman, Editor-in-chief

Erie, Pa, February 19, 2023—At a recent Student Government Association meeting many feelings and opinions rose surrounding the unexpected closure of The Knight Club at the beginning of the Spring 2023 semester.  A beloved weekend spot on campus for many students to hang out, the closure was heartbreaking among the student body.

At the SGA meeting, the room was buzzing and noisy before the beginning of the meeting.  A’Darius Porter, Director of Auxiliary Services began the meeting with an open discussion forum surrounding the closure of the Knight Club.

Opening the meeting for student leaders’ opinions and thoughts on their experiences with the Knight Club, questions arose such as: if it does reopen what would the capacity be? What are the pros and cons of reopening? If it does not reopen, where would students go to hang out?  Where could events take place if they can not be at The Knight Club?

The members of SGA voiced their opinions strongly for reopening The Knight Club, there was also a public student forum on February 14th at 11am that no students attended.  The student body was very distraught and saddened by the closure of The Knight Club, but no student came to voice their opinions or concerns.