The Menu: a stab at the elite


Sophia Raetz, Staff Writer

Erie, Pa, January 19, 2023—“The Menu” takes a stab at the world of the utmost elite, with a thriller that leaves the viewer shocked at every turn.

The film “The Menu,” directed by Mark Mylod, looks to expose the haughty ridiculousness of the elite in society.

The film focuses on dinner guests at an extremely exclusive restaurant called Hawthorne. Anya Taylor-Joy plays main character Margot Mills, from the start, Mills is seen as an outsider. She has been taken on a date to one of the most renowned restaurants in the world, but she does not seem impressed by the grand stature of the event.

Her reservation comes as a surprise to the omniscient staff, and she remains skeptical of the restaurant throughout the film. This vastly contrasts with her date Tyler played by Nicolas Hault, who has awaited the dinner with extreme anticipation.

Margot and Tyler, along with a small group of other individuals selected, take a ferry to an exclusive island where the Hawthorne restaurant awaits.

From the very start, it is apparent that this will be no ordinary dining experience.

The peculiar nature of the restaurant is made clearer throughout the movie’s introduction.

The staff seems unwaveringly loyal despite working in questionable conditions, and they make sure the viewer is aware that a boat is the only way on and off the island.

The guests are left questioning the restaurant’s surroundings but are soon taken to the dining area to begin their much-anticipated meal.

Things at the restaurant become increasingly more bizarre as the night goes on, and the audience is left constantly questioning what the next course will bring.

Ralph Fiennes plays Julian Slowik, the world-renowned head chef of Hawthorne who runs his kitchen with an iron fist. Chef Slowik never ceases to be worried about his elite menu, and always strives to outdo himself to keep up his reputation.

Each daunting course is followed by still shots of satirical description cards, which depict the chefs’ ever more extravagant courses.

Following its release in September 2022, “The Menu” has acquired praise for its absurd storyline and unexpected plot twists. The film has earned 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, and both Joy and Fiennes were nominated for Golden Globe Awards based on their performances.

The film is a must watch for viewers who would enjoy an exciting thriller with hints of dark comedy.