Netflix plans to add new titles this month, including new originals

Ali Smith, Arts & Leisure Editor

Here are five must-watch shows and movies launching on Netflix this month: 


“Devil in Ohio” – released Sept. 6

 The limited series joined Netflix Tuesday, launching to the number one spot for TV shows the day of its debut.  

The psychological thriller follows the life of a psychiatrist and the consequences she and her family face after taking in a patient with a dark past.  

“Devil in Ohio” is based on a 2017 novel by Daria Polatin inspired by true events.  


“Sins of Our Mother” – coming Sept. 14

 The docuseries follows the crimes and trial of Idaho mother Lori Vallow after her children, 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan, vanish. 

Her new husband, Chad Daybell, who shares her doomsday views, is also under investigation of the suspicious deaths of the children.  


“The Notebook” – added Sept. 1

 A chick-flick favorite, “The Notebook” was added to Netflix to kick off the month.  

By February 2010, the film grossed $117.8 million dollars in the box office, and had sold over 11 million copies on DVD.  

Now accessible on a streaming service, it is bound to make a girls-night hit.  


“Blonde” – coming Sept. 28

Based on the life of the mysterious Marilyn Monroe, this Netflix original reimagines the life of Monroe, which still captivates audiences 60 years after the death of the American sweetheart.  

In the movie, Ana de Armas beautifully transforms herself into young Monroe by using her emotions to inspire her role — with the help of Hollywood’s finest makeup and hair crews.  


“Cobra Kai” – coming Sept. 9

 Hit 2022 Emmy nominated series “Cobra Kai” releases its fifth season after nearly a year of waiting.  

The series follows the adult lives of “Karate Kid” characters Johnny and Daniel.  

The series has been popular among young and old audiences familiar with the story of the 80s cult classic, making for a promising long-running Netflix original series.  



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