Harry Styles set to release anticipated new album

One Direction solo artist has been dropping Easter eggs for fans on socials


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Harry Styles fans have been celebrating all that he is, including his style in anticipation of his upcoming album release, and fans are hopeful for a single.

Charlize Harding, Staff Writer

One Direction star Harry Styles has fans stunned with an announcement regarding the release of his third album. For months, Styles has been teasing this new release.  

On March 23, Styles changed his profile picture and cover photo on all social media platforms, then announced that the new album, “Harry’s House,” will be released May 20.  

In February, a new Twitter account titled, “You Are Home,” was created. It wasn’t until March 18 that this account issued its first tweet, reading “you are home.” Since then, up until March 23, the account had been tweeting what can be assumed to be song lyrics.  

Prior to the announcement, there was a website titled youarehome.co with just a door. When you click on the door, it opens to an image. Usually one of three will pop up, stems, an ombre selection of the colors blue, pink and purple, the world and finally a picture of mushrooms. Fans have speculated whether these images are foreshadowing to some songs.  

Since Styles’ first tour, Live on Tour, he has performed the song, “Medicine,” admitting to toying with the idea of putting it on his debut album, but ultimately deciding against it. Fans, including myself, hope to see it on the upcoming album. Or at the very least, that he continues to perform it live.  

Fans believe that Styles had been teasing the album long before February. During his latest tour, Love on Tour, he would often refer to the narrative of being home and going home.  

During Harryween Night 1 at Madison Square Garden, Styles dressed up like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.” Fans are now beginning to piece together that he most likely did this on purpose to give hints regarding the third album.  

There are also some theories that fans have created regarding his decision to dress like Dorothy. When Dorothy wishes to go home, she clicks her heels three times. Styles’ third album is called “Harry’s House.” Whether this was intentional or not, Styles sure knows how to keep his fans interested.  

One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have both been vocal when it comes to the release of their next album. Tomlinson has stated that he is hoping to have it out after his world tour, and before the end of 2022.  

Horan has said that his third album is nearly completed; it is a matter of making sure it is up to par for fans. 

One Direction star Liam Payne has gone on the record saying he has written a few songs and is working on a second album, but it could be a while before it is released.  

One Direction ex-bandmate Zayn Malik released a third album, titled “Nobody is Listening,” in January of 2021. He has said, the few times he went public after the release, that he plans to work on a fourth album, but does not know when he will release it.  

As someone who has been a fan of One Direction since they each auditioned separately on the X-Factor, saying I was stunned speechless when this announcement was released would be an understatement. Though the band is on an indefinite hiatus, they have a huge fan base who support their careers together as well as apart.  

Fans are hoping to see Styles drop singles for the new album leading up to the release date, but they are beaming with excitement, nonetheless. 


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