‘30 for 30’ an amazing way to share the beauty of sports

Michael Guido, Managing & Sports Editor

When I was just 10 or 11, my Dad showed me a documentary titled “King’s Ransom,” which is about when hockey legend Wayne Gretzky was traded in one of the most shocking player moves in the history of sports.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that this was the inaugural episode of the hit ESPN series “30 for 30,” which was the brainchild of sportswriting legend Bill Simmons.

The idea, at least in the original format, was to produce 30 documentaries highlighting 30 memorable sports moments or topics from the first 30 years of ESPN’s existence.

These individual stories would be told by 30 different directors, who feature impactful filmmakers such as Peter Berg, Barry Levinson, Mike Tollin, Ice Cube, Alex Gibney and plenty of other greats of the film industry.

Since that first documentary in 2009, “30 for 30” has become a sensational storytelling series, being able to tell the tales of the defining moments, individuals and events that make sports the pinnacle entertainment option in contemporary American culture.

The series has covered everything from the demise of the USFL, the roller coaster that was June 17, 1994, in American sports, the downfall of Len Bias and much more.

As a major sports fan, I have truly enjoyed this series and find it to be a great tool for sports fans of all stripes to learn more about some of the biggest topics that have molded sports as they are today.

For the better part of 13 years, I’ve watched these one-hour films come out and touch on a variety of subjects that are of interest to me and offer me the chance to become a more well-rounded follower of sports as a whole.

Even people who aren’t major followers of any sport have told me over the years how much they enjoy these documentaries and look forward to new ones being made.

For anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to check one of these out, I highly encourage for just $2.99, finding one on Amazon Prime or YouTube and immersing yourself in some of the best storytelling you’ll ever find.



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