Pattinson trades his fangs for a cape in new DC film

Will ‘The Batman’ help revive theater entertainment?


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Pattinson’s Batman awards success to DC superheroes with newest movie.

Charlize Harding, Staff Writer

“The Batman,” starring Robert Pattinson as Batman and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, hit theaters March 4 and became an immediate hit. 

Even with a runtime of 2 hours and 56 minutes, this movie will leave you wanting more – and leave you with more questions than you had going into it.  

Producer Dylan Clark said it would be less than five years before a sequel for this film will be released, so fans should expect one between now and 2027. 

As a Marvel girl through and through, I was a bit hesitant about this film. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are only a handful of DC movies I enjoy, and this movie has made the DC list.  

Aubree B. Etling, a freshman physician assistant major, said she has slight to little interest in superhero films and had never seen a DC comic or Marvel comic movie, but she went to see “The Batman” nonetheless. 

Etling said she expected the movie to be better than OK, given that it’s a major franchise. 

“It is a big name, so I figured it would be fairly good and I also heard other people say it was good so my expectations were pretty high,” she said. 

As for her lack of prior knowledge of “The Batman,” Etling admitted that she was a bit confused at the end. “I didn’t know who the Joker was until I heard the laugh,” she said. 

Etling said overall she enjoyed the movie. 

“I kind of want to watch the other Batman movies to compare it,” she said. 

Etling also said that watching “The Batman” has her thinking about watching some other superhero films. 

“No one in my family is a big Marvel or DC fan,” she said. “But after watching this movie, I see why people like it, and it did make me want to watch more.” 

Kiley A. Williams, a first-year biology major, said she wouldn’t describe herself as a die-hard fan but also doesn’t have a disinterest in superhero films. 

Williams, who saw “The Batman” Friday, said she prefers Marvel movies to DC movies and she likes the Marvel character DareDevil in particular. 

She said seeing “The Batman” makes her want to watch more superhero movies. 

“Especially if they continue with Robert Pattinson as Batman,” Williams said. “I think he is very attractive. I have liked him as an actor since he was in ‘Twilight.’”  

Williams acknowledged that “The Batman” is not a lighthearted movie that one might sit and watch with friends. She said that Pattinson drew her to the film “but I stayed because I liked the emo vibes.” 

“Most compare DC and Marvel, but you really can’t compare them. DC can be a bit more realistic since it often shows the mundane struggles of the superheroes, like Batman, whereas Marvel focuses more on the superhero troubles.”  

Williams said she was getting a bit tired of the movie as it was going on, but in the end the length made sense. 

“This allows the audience to understand Batman as a character,” she said. “And the ending creates a perfect steppingstone for future Batman movies.” 

Right off the bat, this movie starts with a monologue from the Batman previewing the crime occurring in Gotham city on Halloween night. With the Bat symbol high in the sky, it sets a feeling of fear in the criminals. With none of them knowing if the Batman will appear from the shadows to stop them, they run.  

There is no hesitation when it comes to showing the main villain in this film. The Riddler takes no time to take his first victim; there is a perfect amount of eeriness and suspense that he offers.  

The corruption of the higher powers in Gotham City is what drives The Riddler to take his action. But vengeance is always close behind him.   

The Batman and The Riddler have a constant back and forth throughout the film, without ever seeing one another in person until near the end. After every victim, The Riddler leaves a letter addressed to “The Batman” and leaves some clues to aid them in understanding The Riddler.  

Batman and Catwoman are an unlikely duo, but when they work together, it is powerful. Each having their own motives, they work on finding The Riddler and stopping him and his sadistic ways.  

The familiar character Alfred, played by Andy Serkis, never hesitates to help Bruce Wayne, The Batman. He provides a sense of comfort for not only Bruce, but for the audience as well.  

The ending of this movie leads you to infer that the next one will have a new Joker, which excites fans.  

As much as I enjoyed the film, and look forward to the extensions from this film, I’m a Marvel girl through and through.  

Be sure to check out “The Batman” in theaters, but if you are up for the wait, it is set to be released on HBO Max April 19. 


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