Challenging the typical definition of adulthood

Chloe Palmiere, News Editor

Gannon University held Commencement Kickoff for the class of 2022 in the Yehl Ballroom Wednesday.

For me, it was really exciting but bittersweet at the same time.

My friends and I stopped at each table that was set up and learned about how we could use different Gannon organizations after Gannon-life, including the Student Success Center, alumni association, how to work with the health center and medical records, etc.

Receiving our caps and gowns is when it really set in that we are graduating from college and heading into the real world.

Later that night as we all sat around each other, talking about what we would do after graduation, I really did not have much of a plan, and neither did my friends.

I plan on living at home with my parents for as long as possible to save money, while I work at the restaurant in my hometown.

When I tell some people this, they react with a very strange look on their faces and ask a lot of questions.

“You aren’t getting a real job right after college?”

“Why would you want to keep working in a restaurant?”

“Why are you living at home?”

“Why aren’t you this, and why are you that” are the only things that seem to come to people’s minds.

My reaction has always been the same: “Because I want to.”

It has always been strange to me that people feel the need to head right into adult life after college.

I get it; you have your degree that you have been working on for the past few years of your life, and you want to get started.

But in reality, there is no need to rush into growing up.

You have the rest of your life to work that 8-4 job or your overnight shift in the hospital, so you might as well spend the last summer enjoying it before you head into what could be your life for the next several decades.

I feel like this is more of a common thing now with our generation.

People still work and make money to support themselves, but maybe not the typical job that has to do with their area of study.

I know of so many people around my age who get judged for not “hopping right into adulthood.”

But these people who are not getting “adult jobs” are still adults who are working.

I am still an adult. I made a smart decision for myself by living at home with my parents and still working at a job where I can make a good income.

Everyone has their own path in life to follow.

We all know ourselves better than anyone else, so when people feel the need to voice their opinions on others’ choices, it is not a very good feeling.

But, you learn to ignore these negative opinions coming at you and you just do what makes you happiest and what you know will be best for you.



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