Hulu relives ‘90s rampage relationship

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are the subject of drama miniseries



Lily James, left, and Sebastian Stan star in new Hulu show based in the ‘90s.

Madyson Wakeley, Staff Writer

Hulu dropped the first three episodes of its highly anticipated drama “Pam & Tommy” Feb. 2. The series is based on the celebrity drama that surrounded “Baywatch” actress and Playboy model Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee during the 1990s.

Beginning with a whirlwind romance, “Pam & Tommy” highlights the ups and downs of Anderson and Lee’s marriage and their biggest scandal: the case of the stolen sex tape.

So far, Hulu has done an excellent job of making a modern-day audience care about watching a scandal from three decades ago.

With an all-star cast, the limited series of just eight episodes include the likes of both Seth Rogan and Nick Offerman. The title roles are played by Lily James, previously known for her roles in “Cinderella (2016),” “Baby Driver” and “Mama Mia! Here We Go Again,” who shines as Pamela Anderson. Her on-screen rockstar husband is played by Sebastian Stan, most recently known for starring as the Winter Soldier in the Marvel franchise.

With a wide range of A-list stars, “Pam & Tommy” draws in fans from across cinematic genres.

The show is not without criticism though.

With the release of the first few episodes, “Pam & Tommy” has faced what could be described as a PR nightmare with the increasingly loud outcry about sensationalizing the exploitation of the young couple’s sex life. Their tape was stolen out of their home by a disgruntled contractor who had been released from their home remodeling contract without being paid.

While leaked photos and videos have become, unfortunately, an almost guaranteed trend with the increase in technology, it was just beginning in the ‘90s.

It was not until the 2000s that celebrity sex tapes, like that of Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, seemed to be plastering headlines of tabloid magazines.

In the current day, there are constant Twitter trends letting everyone know in a matter of seconds that some up-and-coming actress or Instagram model’s nudes have been leaked.

While there is a definite argument that the normalcy of this is problematic, there is something to be said for being the star of the first leaked tape in a time when no one else could relate.

This is true for both Lee and Anderson, and they remain mum on the subject.

Anderson has refused to comment on anything pertaining to the show and did not participate in any form with the making of it.

Lee, on the other hand, has made public comments in support of the show and the actor portraying him.

While show creators have stated that their view of the story is to paint both Pam and Tommy as true victims of a crime, it is understandable that Anderson might not want her marriage to be rehashed on a popular streaming service.

The nightmare was terrifying the first time around — why relive it?

Even with the influx of negativity swarming about Anderson’s lack of consent regarding the making of a show, which depicts her sex tape being released without her consent, it has not stopped viewers from tuning in to watch the saga play out again — this time in the comfort of their own home.

Since the show’s release, it has sat on Hulu’s popular TV show listing, and has gained a flurry of attention from both news outlets and social media platforms.

With the remaining five episodes set to be released weekly, “Pam & Tommy” seems to be a certified hit for Hulu, even with the debate surrounding the release.

Tune in to episode 4, which is set to premiere Wednesday.


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