Student journalists uphold integrity of the field

Editor appreciates staff’s hard work as the spring semester begins

Madeline Bruce, Editor-in-Chief

After an extended winter break, I am happy to be back on campus.

About three weeks into the break, I found myself wishing the semester would start. In my final semester, Gannon feels more like home than it ever has. I’m excited to be here every day, and that is due, in part, to the incredible staff that I have here at The Knight.

I don’t think you’ll find a more hardworking or dedicated group of students who so willingly and happily do work that very few know about. They dedicate their Tuesday nights to sitting in our office, going through page proofs, dealing with last-minute changes and making even the most miniscule of edits to ensure that this publication is the best it can be for the Gannon community.

No more has this been evident to me than at the start of this semester.

It can be difficult to come back from a break, especially when you’re in the journalism field. Journalism is the type of field in which you almost have to be constantly going because if you aren’t, you lose your rhythm.

I struggled with whether to have the editors of The Knight write once a week over the break for this reason. All it takes is a week for you to lose your footing in the routine of putting out a weekly paper. However, after the busy and tiring semester we’d all had, I decided to give them a well-deserved break.

But my staff did not fall victim to the unwitting consequences a break can have in the world of journalism. They came to our first staff meeting Thursday prepared with plenty of good ideas for the first two issues of the semester, almost as if we hadn’t had an over month-long break from producing the paper.

Mondays are probably the most stressful day for us here at The Knight. It’s the day when you realize that nobody has answered your emails about interview inquiries, you don’t have complete stories to put in the issue the following day and, on top of it all, you have entirely too much homework that you put off over the weekend.

These are usually the days that I get texts from editors telling me that so-and-so hasn’t answered them for six days, even after they sent two follow-up emails. With this issue being the first of the semester, that was a prevalent problem that we were met with Monday.

Like they always do, my editors who were met with this hurdle persevered and produced some good content in the face of it. But that’s just who they are.

I consider myself lucky to call this group of students my staff, and I couldn’t ask for a better one. I know that whatever setbacks come our way this semester, they will face them with the same problem-solving and perseverance that they have for the last 13 issues.
So, here’s to the staff of The Knight and a fulfilling last semester with them.


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