Five tips to a successful Advising Day


Madison Maurice, Roundtable Editor and Social Media Director

Advising Day is just around the corner on Tuesday, Nov. 9. All classes before 4:30 p.m. will be canceled. As students prepare for the spring semester and what classes they would like to enroll in, here are some tips to maximize your Advising Day experience before and after meeting with your adviser.

Have a backup plan for classes that may fill before your registration time. Look at the other sections of that course to see if more seats are available at another time.
Keep track of the classes that are required for your major. Understand that certain classes have to be completed during specific semesters. You may not get every class you want
When planning your schedule, utilize the Course Plan tool found under “My Progress” on Self-Service. This will allow you to plan out what courses need to be taken during future semesters.
It is important to think about if you can handle the schedule you make. As a full-time student in college, you should be making time for yourself. It is easy to say you will be fine but you may end up overwhelmed.
Talk to upperclassmen within your major for insights on courses and professors.

The Academic Advising Center is available for meetings and questions about student planning, study skills, time management, test-taking and advising policies. Their office is located on the first floor of the Palumbo Academic Center within the Student Success Center. Contact the Academic Advising Center by emailing [email protected]


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