Hit series ‘You’ returns to platform for third season

Netflix psychological thriller stuns viewers and killed streams statistics this month

Lia Eberlein, Staff Writer

Popular Netflix Original “You” premiered its third season on the platform earlier this month, and it currently sits at the site’s No.1 spot for streams in the U.S.
The series follows Joe Goldberg, an obsessive stalker who strives to find his “one” — his soulmate. Previous females in his past were not as lucky as his wife, Love.
Following the chaos of the second season’s finale, the couple moves to Madre Linda, Calif., from Los Angeles in hopes of forgetting their dark past and starting a new life. But Joe falls into old habits.
The first episode of the season opens with the birth of Joe and Love’s child, Henry. Joe hoped for a girl, but with the birth of his son, he is determined to prevent Henry from going through a similar traumatic childhood like he did.
When experiencing the troubles of parenthood, Joe is enraged with the lack of connection between him and his child as well as with his wife. He begins studying his neighbor Natalie and her every move — his strange behavior not going unnoticed by Love.
Episode 2, “So I Married an Axe Murderer,” dives deep into Joe and Love’s tribulations and epiphanies throughout couples therapy — all the while they are in a race against the clock for the safety of their whole family. Tensions run high in their wealthy, suburban neighborhood and the couple questions their place in such a world.
Although still early into the season, the show is fast-paced, and despite Joe’s past, honestly has me rooting for him in his parenting, marriage and in his overall success, even if his actions were questionable to get him to this point — which could all change in an instant.
My anxiety started to run a bit high during the third episode — sickness and death fill the 45-minute episode in more ways than one. Delusions overcome Joe, where he is then rescued by an unsuspecting ally.
The fourth episode shows Love acting out of impulse yet again, leaving Joe to deal with the repercussions. The couple learns of a friend’s dark secret that may just help them be in the clear for more crimes than one.
Midseason, the fifth, sixth and seventh episodes are seemingly calm compared to the events of the previous episodes. But, even with less action, the plot kept me engaged and interested in what is to come in the last few episodes.
Episode 8 sets up the season for an action-packed and nerve-wracking wrap-up. Tensions are running high in both Joe and Love’s lives, leaving viwers to wonder whether either of them will get out of the mess that is Madre Linda unscathed.
Watching the last two episodes, my jaw dropped every other minute. If episodes 8 and 9 could be described in one word, it would be insane.
Overall, this season lives up to and even exceeds all the expectations set by the first two. And luckily for invested viewers, renewal for a fourth season has been confirmed.
All three seasons of “You” are now streaming on Netflix.