APB helps campus; we can return favor

Gannon University’s Activities Programming Board recently sent out an e-mail to the Gannon community regarding open slots on its executive board. The open positions are that of Public Relations and Afterhours.
We at The Gannon Knight encourage students to step up and do their part to contribute to the Activities Programming Board in its time of need.
We’ve all benefitted from the board’s entertainment in one way or another, whether it be by seeing one of the movies it brought to campus, attending the biannual spring concert it organizes, participating in Springtopia every year, going to Cedar Point every fall or skiing at Peak n’ Peek in the winter.
It’s important to recognize the students who work for APB are juggling classes, homework and other activities just like we are, and we should do what we can to contribute to an organization that has done so much for the student body.
Every organization goes through a periodical rough patch, but these can be easily fixed with proper student involvement and excitement.
Furthermore, getting involved in general is essential to an enjoyable college experience. Whether you join the Student Government Association, Activities Programming Board, an academic club, a Greek organization or whatever else, the friendships you’ll form are sure to last post-college, and the leadership skills you’ll acquire will benefit you later in life.
It’s important to consider involvement in clubs and organizations that may not exactly be related to your major or field of interest, as they can help you realize character traits and leadership skills you didn’t know you had.
We at Gannon are lucky enough to attend a school with a small enough enrollment to make getting involved on campus meaningful and easy. With more than 77 clubs and organizations to choose from, there is certainly something for everyone.