Roundtable: Where is your favorite place to study on campus?

Chloe Palmiere, Roundtable Editor

“My favorite place to study on campus is the third floor of Nash. I like that it is very quiet because it helps me focus on my work better.” -Josh Staley (Senior, Political Science)
“My favorite place to study on campus would be a private study room in Nash. I like that we can reserve them.” -Claire Damore (Sophomore, Occupational Therapy)
“My favorite places to study on campus are the study rooms in Nash. I like to get a drink from the cafe and listen to calming music while I do my work!” – Nicole Rich (Sophomore, Nursing)
“My favorite spot to study would be the third floor of the library.” Ethan Spradlin (Sophomore, Environmental Engineering)
“I like the first floor of the library because there is some quiet background noise and I like the atmosphere of the fireplace with the bookshelves. It is comfortable.” – Kiana Vullo (Senior, Biology Pre-Medicine, LECOM 4+4)