Hallucinogenic novel makes for an interesting series


Star of Netflix series Rosa Salazar poses seriously to show her artistic depth.

Ali Smith, Arts & Leisure Editor

“Brand New Cherry Flavor,” a horror series that began airing on Netflix Aug. 14, is definitively the strangest show I have ever seen. It includes, among other things, the throwing up of cats, cannibalism for the purpose of witchcraft, potted plants overgrowing apartments and strange beings from the spiritual world. 

The limited series is based on the novel “Brand New Cherry Flavor” by Todd Grimson. 

This series follows filmmaker Lisa Nova, played by Rosa Salazar, who moves to Los Angeles to promote her completed short film “Lucy’s Eye” in hopes of finding a producer to help her transform it into a movie. 

The only problem with this, however, is that nearly everyone had selfish intentions, especially money hungry producer Lou Burke. 

When Lisa trusts the wrong person with the rights to her movie, after Lou promised to allow her to direct the film, her entire life is turned upside down, which inspires her to make a deal with the devil.

Backtracking a bit, Lou stumbles upon Lisa’s short film on his desk, amongst a pile of others, but is somehow drawn to hers. After watching the film, in awe of the special effects, and in wonder of how an amateur filmmaker could accomplish this, Lou becomes insatiable in his appetite for the mystery of Lisa Nova. 

In pursuit of this mystery, Lou crosses the line, and assumes that Lisa would be willing to exchange a sexual relationship for control of her film. 

However, for the first time it seems, Lou is told no, and isn’t a fan. 

As a result, Lou hires someone else to direct “Lucy’s Eye,” and after being sexually harassed and physically beaten by Lou, Lisa seemingly stumbles upon Boro, a mysterious witch living in a house full of plants, which is marked by a white panther mural, rather than a house number. 

In her interaction with Boro, Lisa indicates she wants to wreak havoc on Lou’s life in every facet and reclaim the rights to her movie. 

As if this situation couldn’t possibly become more strange, Lisa then eats the magical stew made by Boro, beginning the voodoo process, and begins to hallucinate. This inspired me to wonder: was the entire story a hallucination? 

Yes, the show is that weird, yet I still enjoyed it.

By the end of this process, Lou and Lisa are connected, and his turmoil begins. 

Throughout the remainder of the series, a whirlwind of wild and unthinkable events occur, which are too crazy to explain in a believable sense, and better to watch for the full experience.

As expected, though, when making deals with a witch and the supernatural world, consequences are bound to be reaped. 

Throughout the season, as payment for her services from Boro, Lisa must throw up live kittens for Boro, which she then extracts blood from to maintain the youth and strength of her host body. 

Yes, Boro also steals people’s bodies, because her birth body is far too old to host her active soul any longer. 

By the end, though, it is clear to Lisa by the turmoil and death around her that Boro never had her best interest at heart, and the spirits she believed to be tormenting her were actually warning her of Boro’s intentions: to steal her body as her next host. 

Although Lisa loses all else, including the lives of several of her closest friends, she does in fact get her movie back and ruin Lou’s life by stealing his sight and his ability to ever view another movie again. 

Was it all worth it? 

I would have to watch another season, which won’t be coming as this is a limited series, to see how things turn out for Lisa Nova.

So your guess is as good as mine.


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