Soul sounds of the summer by folk artist Zach Bryan


Bryan uses his pain, heartache and trauma as well as his Oklahoma roots to bring a tremendous depth to his art.

Ali Smith, Arts & Leisure Editor

This summer seemed to be an interesting season for the music community due to divergent styles, such as country folk music by artists such as Zach Bryan and Tyler Childers.

Although Bryan hasn’t released an album since “Quiet, Heavy Dreams” dropped on Nov. 27, his music emerged onto the summer playlists of old and new fans this summer.

Could this be because of his sad, yet universal messages portrayed through his songs, during a national pandemic that has plummeted American’s into a state of shared depression?

Could his music help those coping with mental anguish and heartbreak, which seem to be recurring themes in his music?

Could the style of music, rather, spark interest with listeners, as individuality and appreciation for the natural world has become an emerging aesthetic?

Regardless, Bryan’s soulful music has touched the hearts of many and continues to build stamina as his albums age.

This popularity, and the inevitability of him creating new music, inspired Bryan to release a taste of his newest project, which is an album that he plans to take on tour.

In anticipation for his upcoming album, Bryan released a video of him performing his new song “Darling,” which has yet to be released on a professional platform for streaming.

In regard to the music he has already released, which includes two albums, one single and one EP, it is evident that Bryan carries a great deal of pain after obvious heartbreak and seven years of service in the U.S. Navy. Due to his small-town roots, life experiences and a dedication to self-preservation, his music has a depth that is rare in the modern music industry.

Some of my personal favorite songs are “Crooked Teeth,” “From a Lover’s Point of View,” “Leaving” and “Hell or Highwater,” all of which have an emotional message, synonymous with most of his music.

One of his more upbeat tracks is titled “Revival,” which begins in a similar emotional state as his other songs, but continues onto a more upbeat path with a uniting element, which reminds me of being surrounded by my greatest friends and paints a picture of an unforgettable summer night around a campfire.

His next album is highly anticipated, although there is no set date for its release, and some would label his musical uprising a phenomenon.

Will Bryan’s next album release meet the high standards of his growing following? Impede his momentum? Exceed expectations?

One thing is certain, though: this Oklahoma native will use his raw edge to portray through the mode of music who he is, what he values and his philosophy of life, which is his ultimate artistic goal.


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