‘Outer Banks’ blows fans away with Season 2


Main characters John B. and Sarah Cameron share a romantic moment on the sandy shore of the Outer Banks, into the second season of their romance.

Ali Smith, Arts & Leisure Editor

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you have probably heard that the hit Netflix series “Outer Banks” released a second season to the platform, which began streaming July 30.

Contrary to typical trends for series, the second season was much better than the first, making the agonizing wait between seasons well worth it.

The first season was phenomenal and followed five teens, who are Outer Banks natives, on their quest for gold from a sunken ship, named The Royal Merchant.

John B., the main character, was particularly invested in this treasure hunt because the same search is what led his father to disappear. He hoped that by going on this journey with his fellow “Pogues,” as they call the underprivileged population on the island, he would uncover answers about his father’s disappearance and finish what John Sr. started.

On this journey, however, John B. fell in love with a “Kook,” the privileged of the island, who live on the north side, also known as Figure 8.

Sarah Cameron, the female side of the star-crossed, forbidden pairing, will later come to turn on her own father, Ward Cameron, for John B. and his clan of Pogues, learning that her father has kept some ugly secrets from the family and is, under the surface of a well-dressed and refined outer shell, an evil, selfish, money-hungry man.

This conflict, without revealing too much for readers who have yet to watch the series, caused John B. and Sarah to flee the island in the midst of a tropical storm, leaving season one on quite the cliff hanger.

This catapults the series into season two, released 15 months after the first, continuing the tremendous momentum and fan base built by season one’s success.

During the latter portion of the season, it is evident that John B. and Sarah did in fact survive the storm that capsized their boat during escape, and they were now on the run from the American authorities in a foreign country, as Ward Cameron had framed John B. for a murder his son, Rafe, committed.

Rafe continues to be a dangerous, wild-card character in the second season, even attempting to murder his own sister and further endangering the welfare of his family, which struggles to stay together through the major conflicts of the plot.

One of the greatest elements and themes of the show as a whole, but is staggeringly strengthened through the trials of the second season, is that of friendship. Between the five main characters, John B., Sarah, Kiara, Pope and J.J., there is nothing they wouldn’t do, and haven’t done, for one another, which is admirable to say the least. This is one of the biggest reasons the show resonates with so many, especially young adults, because the audience has either experienced a friendship equally as unconditional, or wishes they have.

This season also exceeded the intensity, drama and adventure of the first, which doubtlessly took considerable creativity and tenacity on part of the writers, Jonas Pate, Josh Pate and Shannon Burke.

This action includes pirate fights amongst a cargo ship, a continued search for the treasured gold, a search for a gold-crested, jewel-embroidered cross, countless gut-wrenching physical altercations, typical teenage romance and the subsequent drama, as well as near-death experiences for many of the characters and another twist to end the season, prompting fans to urge writers and producers to quickly release a third season.

This plea was answered.

The series has been renewed for a third season, and some fans have theorized that we may only need to wait until January 2022.

However, if the third season follows a schedule similar to the second, viewers may be able to expect to see new episodes by late summer or early fall of 2022.


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