COVID-19 vaccine clinic to be held during IgKnight Activities Fair



Gannon students, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to receive either the Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccinations at Tuesday’s IgKnight Fair.

Faith Wilson, News Editor

Gannon University has partnered with Allegheny Health Network in planning the first COVID-19 vaccine clinic of the semester. The clinic will occur during the IgKnight Activities Fair on Gannon’s AJ’s Way, Tuesday from 3-5:30 p.m.

The two-dose Pfizer and one dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be available for all students and employees to receive.

The clinic will be open for walk-up appointments. However, people are encouraged to reserve an appointment by filling out the health forms ahead of time using the links below:

Daniel Baker, a senior social work major, said he hopes to see many students at the vaccine clinic on Tuesday.

“The Gannon clinics have done a lot to help vaccinate the community here on campus, and I’m happy to hear that Gannon has offered a clinic so soon in the semester,” Baker said.

Students and faculty who are not yet fully vaccinated or are unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccine will be required to undergo surveillance testing at least once every two weeks as a part of Gannon’s mitigation efforts.

Students and faculty should continue to monitor their health at home regardless of vaccination status. While the LiveSafe survey is no longer required, it will be available to assist in monitoring symptoms and facilitate communication with the health and counseling center.

Currently, 64.5% of the Erie campus has reported their fully vaccinated status. The campus-wide goal is to have 80% of faculty, staff and students vaccinated before reevaluating the current COVID-19 restrictions, such as the newly reinstated mask mandate inside all Gannon-owned facilities.

“I think that Gannon is making great strides toward an extremely safe environment,” Kimberly Shepler, a junior psychology major, said.

“I know that COVID is still a very real thing, but the efforts they are making allows us to go back to class in person, and I am very grateful for that. It just makes sense that we do all that we can to keep each other safe.”

Madilyn Hopkins, a freshman physician assistant major, also believes that Gannon has taken the steps to make the campus as safe as possible.

“I really feel safe on campus with the current efforts Gannon has made to vaccinate the community,” Hopkins said. “As well as their reevaluation of the mask mandate indoors to ensure everyone stays safe with the current delta variant circulating.”

Visit for more information on surveillance testing and COVID-19 policies.


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