Revisiting the 2000’s: Viewers catch up with their childhood favorites


UNSPLASH/ Mollie Sivaram Netflix begins to upload television shows from the early 2000’s, waking the child in many who had forgotten about their childhood favorites.

Olivia Hahner, Staff Writer

Growing up, there was nothing I looked forward to more than coming home from school after a long day.
Some days, I would have the opportunity to finally catch up on my favorite TV shows.
Nothing was more devastating than realizing I not only forgot to watch an episode, but I forgot to record it on-demand.
Thanks to streaming services today, watching old shows is now much easier.
Netflix has recently been on a roll releasing those beloved, nostalgic childhood shows that viewers can watch anytime they wish.
In November 2019, Netflix first added “Victorious” to its streaming service. The series follows Tori Vega, portrayed by Victoria Justice, who is accepted into a performing arts high school for talented teens. Throughout the series she continuously tries to find her place and meets other talented students who become her lifelong friends inside and outside of the show.
“Victorious” was my favorite show for the longest time. I enjoyed singing and dancing along to the many musical numbers. The characters were easy to relate to since they were just regular kids. Well, regular kids who were being trained to be professional artists.
My favorite character was Cat Valentine, portrayed by Ariana Grande. She was the sweet, down-to-earth, bubbly best friend of the main character, Tori. I not only admired her personality, but idolized her talent. To this day, I am still a fan of Ariana Grande.
Toward the end of 2020, Netflix announced it would continue releasing older shows from my childhood.
Due to popular demand, “iCarly” was the next show released on Feb. 8.
“iCarly” follows three teenagers, portrayed by Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress, who produce and run their own popular web show.
In December 2020, Cosgrove announced a revival of the popular show was in the works. This sparked an interest in releasing the show so fans could refresh before the new show aired.
However, Netflix truly dropped the ball on this release; instead of releasing all six seasons of the show, it released only episodes from seasons one, two and three.
Whoever programmed the release also accidentally merged seasons two and three. They were not only merged into one season, but placed into random order.
In the midst of my confusion, I had to go to a separate site to realize that these episodes were not placed in the order they were originally aired. Lifelong fans can only hope Netflix will release the other three seasons and fix the programming issue.
With the skyrocketing views for “iCarly,” Netflix soon released another popular show, “Big Time Rush.” On March 26, all four seasons of the show were released in addition to the movie.
“Big Time Rush” follows the misadventures of four hockey players, portrayed by Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson, after they are selected by a label to form a boy band.
For the past month, members of the band have hinted to fans that the show was going to be released. Once it finally was, fans were elated to see all four seasons uploaded to the service.
“Big Time Rush” was a show I always made sure I was caught up on when I was a kid. I was not only a fan of the show, but I truly enjoyed the band and the music the group put out.
I even ended up seeing them in concert when they made their way to Cleveland.
To this day, I am a fan and catch myself listening to their music. Now, I have the opportunity to watch the show as well.
As Netflix continues to release shows I once loved, I am curious to see what it will do next.



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