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UNSPLASH/Jason Leung One of the events parents in “Yes Day” had to say yes to was a trip to a Six Flags Amusement Park.

Olivia Hahner, Staff Writer

If you grew up in a strict household, you know that the word “yes” was used only on special occasions.
In the new Netflix movie “Yes Day,” one small family relearns the importance of not only saying yes, but taking in life’s little moments.
The film opens in on Allison and Carlos Torres, portrayed by Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez. The actors play a young, free-spirited couple who have always said yes to everything life throws their way.
Fast-forward 14 years later: Allison and Carlos now have three children — Katie, Nando and Ellie — and haven’t used the word “yes” in a long time. Correction: Allison never uses the word, but Carlos does due to his fear of being seen as the “uncool” parent.
Allison soon reaches her breaking point after an uneasy parent-teacher conference where she learns her older children see her as a rule-heavy dictator.
Seeking to change the narrative, she agrees to planning a “yes day” for her three children.
If you are unfamiliar, a “yes day” is a 24-hour period wherein the parents cannot say no, within reason.
The “yes day” must be earned by doing chores and finishing homework. Children can’t do anything dangerous or illegal, must stick to the budget, can’t ask for future things, must stay within 20 miles of their home and most of all, have the most fun in their entire lives.
If either parent says no during the 24-hour period, their eldest daughter is allowed to go off to a musical event without any parent supervision, which prompts Allison to want to complete the day.
The day starts off fun and harmless as the parents are forced into crazy costumes and an ice cream-only breakfast. However, the Torres children try to break their parents with crazy activities that lead to a hospital visit and a run-in with the law.
Seeing a new side to their mother, the Torres children are impressed and start to believe Allison has the potential to change, but this soon comes crashing down when a misunderstanding causes her to lash out at Katie.
Feeling hurt and confused, the Torres children abandon their parents to go off on their original plans for the day: Katie to her unsupervised music festival and Nando and Ellie to a “nerd party” back at the Torres house.
What each of them thinks is a small victory ends up becoming reckless and regretful. Nando and Ellie’s party gets out of control and explosive until Carlos comes to the rescue and finally learns to discipline his children.
At her music festival, alone with a dead phone, Katie starts to panic until Allison comes to the rescue and saves her daughter.
The film ends with the family having a relaxed game night and reflecting on how thankful they are for the lessons they learned that day.
As someone who grew up in a large house, I am almost a little thankful we did not have “yes days” due to the craziness of my younger siblings.
However, I do encourage families to explore this idea. It may end up doing a lot of good for those in need of a fun family adventure, but if you are hesitant, maybe watch the movie first.


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