Gannon football is back for a four-game spring season

Alex Pepke, Sports Editor

It may be the middle of March, a time when college basketball usually dominates the sports world, but this year at Gannon, we get to see some football in the spring as well.

The Gannon University football team begins a four-game season at noon Saturday against Davenport at McConnell Family Stadium.

Gannon’s other home game will take place at Erie Veterans Stadium due to the amount of games needing to be played on Gannon’s multi-purpose field this spring.

I’m all for watching college football at any time of the year, but the games happening this spring feel extra special. Maybe it’s because there hasn’t been football on Gannon’s campus since Nov. 16, 2019.

We all know that COVID-19 has devastated most of the sports landscape for the last year, but we are getting back to normal. Actually, we are way past normal.

Gannon has every team competing during this semester, which makes for a busy few months and a nightmare logistically.

Football is the most popular sport at most universities, and despite Gannon’s struggles in recent years, it’s still popular here.

Despite no championships, we get to see Erik Raeburn in his first year as the new head coach.

This four-game season will show off what we can expect for the future of the program going forward, and coming off a season when Gannon went 2-9, there certainly can be some improvements.

The PSAC is widely considered one of the better conferences for football at the Division II level, and Gannon will need to make some improvements on both sides of the ball if it wants to compete for a conference championship anytime soon.

Regardless of how the Knights perform this spring, it will be great to see them back on the field, even if it is just for four games.

Hopefully it leaves the team feeling good about its chances in the fall, but if nothing else, having football back is a bright spot during a time when not too long ago, many things were uncertain regarding the future of athletic programs across the country.

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