Medically incorrect humor entertains podcast world

Podcast emerges from husband and wife book, which covers medical history with hilarious commentary


Will Francis/Unsplash

Husband and wife duo paint a hilarious picture of the history of modern science with a podcast.

Morgan Schmitt, Staff Writer

In the modern world, medicine is thought to be reaching its peak.
With a small incision, you can do complicated surgeries and save millions. Vaccines are now coming out at record speed, and cancer research is inching closer to a cure. However, past generations thought they were at the cutting edge of medicine too. Chunks of brains being cut out and leeches sucking out your blood were the best cures around. A terribly funny podcast called “Sawbones” explores the history behind poorly devised medical treatments and how they worked out.
Sydnee McElroy Md.D., and her husband, Justin McElroy, take you on a tour of medicine’s dumbest blunders and ancient beliefs. They cover everything from drilling holes in patients’ heads to breathing better just by moving your tongue. They do remind their audience that the history they go through and the procedures, while accurate, are ill-advised to replicate.
On other episodes they tackle the controversial ideas about the coronavirus and how it may have been misunderstood, but even handling such a heavy topic they manage to add a light and humorous touch.
They take you back through each historical period important to the subject in question and act it out through funny accents and some questionable character backstories. They introduce important figures to the medical procedure and how those figures came upon the rather inaccurate cures. All the while Dr. McElroy gives detailed descriptions on why the procedures were dangerous and not effective. Her husband, who has no medical degree, will try to guess what different medical terms mean. He often finds that he is terribly mistaken, but nonetheless, is interested in the topic at hand.
Those in science majors and in the pre-health field will find that this show is a great way to learn medical history and terms while exercising or cleaning the house, or anywhere else you may listen to podcasts. Even nonscience majors who just want to learn trivia and outrageous medical stories would love this podcast.
“Sawbones” started out as a podcast but also has a book available to purchase. It is called “The Sawbones Book: The Hilarious, Horrifying Road to Modern Medicine” and it is for sale on Amazon and in any Barnes & Noble store. The costs vary but there are illustrations of procedures, and it is a good way to quiz your friends.
The podcast itself can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. On Spotify it is free to listen to, but with ads if you are not a premium member. On Apple Podcasts, it is also free to listen to.
We have come a long way in history, and there is nothing more reassuring than hearing how far we’ve come. However, it can also makes you think of what else we falsely believe in the world of medicine. How will it change in the future? Hopefully, we will be here to find out, but until then listen to “Sawbones,” which is updated weekly.



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