Schedule post-graduate and summer opportunities

Given the near-tundra state of Gannon University’s campus, it’s understandable for students to think ahead to summer.
The thought of the upcoming warmer weather shouldn’t be the only reason Gannon students start keeping the future in mind, though.
As the months pass, the end of the school year grows closer. However, the end of Gannon’s spring semester doesn’t necessarily mean the work should stop, despite how nice such a sentiment may sound.
Summer break makes for a great chance to finally complete that internship or earn more experience by getting a job too time-consuming for the school year.
However, finding such an opportunity shouldn’t really wait until after the snow melts.
We at The Gannon Knight understand that it can be hard to start lining up internships and jobs, especially for students new to the frontier.
However, Gannon has some upcoming events that can aid in the inevitable work search for when the semester ends.
Delta Sigma Phi will sponsor a speaker that will discuss resumes in Waldron’s Pietraszek Room at 3:30 p.m. Friday.
After getting some handy pointers, students interested in community involvement can take their newly refined resume to Gannon’s Post Graduate Service Fair in Waldron 219 at 11 a.m. Tuesday.
Merely getting a resume together is a huge step in the process to find career opportunities, but sometimes starting can be the hardest part.
Gannon’s Center for Experiential Learning can also help out any confused students with questions pertaining to finding career after college.
Looking ahead to more work might not sound exciting, but in the long run, proactivity will allow students to reap the benefits.
Don’t wait too long before looking, lest you’ll be left out in the cold when everyone else enjoys the warm weather.