Netflix movies begin to reflect the real world casually

Ali Smith, Arts & Leisure Editor

The Netflix film “I Care a Lot,” released in mid-February, has caught a lot of positive attention since its debut for many reasons.
First and foremost, the star role of Marla Grayson was perfectly executed by the beautiful Rosamund Pike. Not only was the main character of the movie the antagonist, adding an interesting cinematic element to the story, but the three most prominent roles in the movie represent minorities and marginalized populations seamlessly, making this film a knockout.
Marla Grayson is a successful businesswoman, making a significant profit from taking advantage of the elderly, draining their savings and selling their belongings, stowing them away until their death in an air-tight nursing home that serves as her partner-in-crime in the process.
More importantly, however, Marla is a lesbian, and her partner is a Latina lesbian.
The sexual orientation, female position of power and ethnic representation is something many Hollywood films have been lacking, and it is refreshing to see this dynamic begin to be normalized on streaming services, especially within the leading roles.
In addition to the display of the three marginalized populations stated, more significantly, the secondary antagonist of the story, Roman Lunyov, is played by Peter Dinklage, who has a form of dwarfism that affects his bone growth.
It is important that he was represented in the movie so casually, without mention of his condition, because it subsequently normalized the completely underrepresented disorder.
Without going further than a baseline description of the plot, I was able to introduce a groundbreaking dynamic brought to the Netflix streaming service within the top three roles of the movie, which sparks important conversations about removing the stigma from these marginalized individuals.
Aside from this important element of the film, the movie was a nail-biting rollercoaster ride, and deserves all of the applause it is receiving for its intense plot line and successful execution.