Florida Georgia Line shows some promise

Country stars miss the mark in expectations but provide tranquil sound

Morgan Schmitt, Staff Writer

The latest Florida Georgia Line album “Life Rolls On” dropped earlier this month. The main theme of the album is finding the peace in little things, regardless of what life throws your way.
For country lovers, it adds a certain warm feeling to any country playlist.
Florida Georgia Line is no stranger to the top of country music charts, and this next album proves promising.
They do not focus on loud guitars or a rock-and-roll undertone, but instead focus on soft acoustics to drive their message home to listeners.
The message in question reflects the passing year of 2020.
With so much going wrong and the world seeming at an end, Florida Georgia Line wants to reassure their listeners that life will get better. Nothing stays still forever and that a better age will come to fruition.
It is a soothing sound and instills a sense of calm upon listening.
Florida Georgia Line began in 2012, during a time when Carrie Underwood and Lady A were topping the charts. The new band blindsided country fans with a new wave of sound and harmony. Their first hit was titled “Cruise,” which entailed a summer night with a girl. This theme is extremely popular with the band as they prefer linking girls to vehicles and a lazy drive.
As the years went on, they released more hits, including one titled “Meant to Be.”
This song took a different route, as it no longer featured a country or rock sound; it now had a pop collaboration that broadened the spectrum of listeners. From there, their fan base reached new heights.
The country music industry has been taking to combining rap and pop into its genre as of late, and it was speculated that Florida Georgia Line would continue to feature pop collaborations on their new album.
The new album debunks this rumor, as it features only the country genre.
Other songs on the album provide visuals, like lying in bed with a loved one and sitting by a campfire. While the messages and the songs are comforting, they do not really stand out. In today’s music world, it is becoming easier to get lost in the fold. This new album does not possess any defining quality, and no matter how good the intentions, if none of the songs stand out, then neither does the album.
Florida Georgia Line has released nothing but chart-toppers since their debut, and after the last year, it is understandable that their album may not take off as they had hoped.
This new album is a good study aid, however, and can be found for free on Spotify and for purchase on Apple Music.
Give it a listen in order to put your life into perspective. It is especially helpful after a stressful exam or quiz. It reminds you that no matter the situation, life will go on.



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