My two favorite Gannon sports to watch

Alex Pepke, Sports Editor

During my time at Gannon, I’ve attended many athletic events, mostly due to the fact that I’ve worked as a work-study with the athletic department.

There have always been two sports that I’ve enjoyed watching more than most, and those sports are men’s soccer and women’s volleyball.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a major fan of either sport in general. I’m not a die-hard soccer fan and I’ve never been involved in volleyball in any way, but watching these two teams play over the last four years has been a pleasure as a fan.

It may have something to do with the fact that they have been two of the more successful teams during my time here, but watching them compete is always fun, nonetheless.

Men’s soccer has been quite successful over the last few seasons, including a PSAC West regular season title in 2019 and a run in the NCAA tournament. The games are always exciting, and the team has had a few really impressive players during this time.

Even though a lot of the team’s games are cold, they always provide exciting matchups and some highlight plays.

Women’s volleyball has been even better during my time here at Gannon. In 2019 the team went 30-7 and made it all the way to the NCAA Division II Elite Eight. They had an even better record in 2018 when they went 31-3 before falling to Seton Hill in the PSAC championship game and the Atlantic region semifinals.

Back when fans were allowed at games, the atmosphere at volleyball games was by far the most fun and exciting on campus. The fans were always active, and the teams always had a good time (winning probably makes it easier to have fun).

For anyone who will be here post-COVID, I highly suggest getting out to a few volleyball games when fans are allowed back. They do not disappoint.

I have had many good memories at Gannon sporting events the past four years, and men’s soccer and women’s volleyball gave me some of my favorites. It is good to see them competing again, along with all the other teams, and hopefully they continue their success going forward.

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