Finding motivation in the midst of a loss

Michael Guido, News Editor

Any kid growing up in the New England region idolized Tom Brady, who over a 20-year run won six Super Bowl titles and cemented his legacy as the greatest player to ever put on the pads and cleats.
However this guy, who grew up in Pittsburgh rooting for the Steelers, only to see them lose to Brady and Co. on multiple occasions, did not.
It never helped the fact that my father hailed from Boston, or that his side of the family resides in the community adjacent to Foxborough, where Gillette Stadium idly sits.
However, as I’ve grown older and begun to grasp what it takes to achieve your dreams in this world, the more I’ve grown to admire and respect Brady and well, find motivation from him.
Brady is a world-class workaholic, putting in ridiculous hours many would find ludicrous. He follows a strict diet and exercise regimen based on his TB12 method and treats every game as if he is the least-valued player on the field.
He also treats every game like it’s his last, as if even after all these years, he still has something to prove, some doubter to prove wrong.
According to teammates of past and present, he’s an incredible motivator with an insatiable desire to win and dominate.
Maybe that comes in part from being an overlooked sixth-round draft pick — a draft that saw the likes of Tee Martin, Spergon Wynn and Giovanni Carmazzi go before him — and yes, I know nobody reading this knows who these men are. But that’s all right for the purpose of this column.
The point stands that Brady is a man who is determined to not just win at football, but win at life, and he never rests in his determination to be the best and seize each day he’s alive.
In a world where some of us have gotten complacent in letting the realities of COVID-19 dictate how productive we are, we can look to and learn from someone like Brady, who refuses to let anything get in his way of winning the game of life.
I’ll be the first to say that I’ve lost some of the motivation, zest and energy I had prior to COVID-19. Some days it’s not easy to envision a future of success and accomplishment because COVID-19 seems to stand in whatever doorway even begins to crack open.
However, when moments like that happen, I look at those in the world who haven’t let adversity or circumstances hinder their ability to skyrocket to the top.
Without a doubt, Brady is at the top of that list.
While I still won’t call myself a “fan,” when the Jesse James game still flashes in my dreams, it’s hard for me not to respect Brady and see him as the answer to the question “How can I stay focused on the dream and make it happen?”
Look no further than the now seven-time Super Bowl champion.



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