‘WandaVision’ proves to be a blast from the past

Marvel fans fall in love with the series that has everyone asking questions

Morgan Schmitt, Staff Writer

“WandaVision” is a show that displays Marvel’s sense of humor and creativity. It seems the new arch is kicking off with more than just movies and sideshows about shield; it has none other than Wanda and Vision introducing the plot.
The show seemed to come out of nowhere with lots of personality and promise. Following show tropes throughout the history of television, it makes for some interesting reflection on how we have evolved.
It also shows that even amid Hollywood delays and cancellations, the movie giant is not to be underestimated.
The show starts out like a 1950s sitcom about a magical husband and wife. It is full on black and white, complete with old-time music and sound effects.
The jokes are dated, and the dialogue is forced like the shows of old.
Wanda and Vision are newlyweds trying to keep their magic a secret in the quiet town they moved to. Wanda has a chat about the typical drunken husband with her neighbor Agnes, (which Wanda doesn’t quite understand), and Vision struggles in the workplace where the music overlay bothers him, and no one knows what their company does.
The show pokes fun at the tropes of 1950s shows and gives them a satirical spin.
From sarcastic housewife remarks to comical misunderstandings between the main characters, the whole show makes you laugh and realize how far society has come in the ways of respecting the value of another person.
In truth, we are no longer stuck in black and white as Wanda and Vision are, but instead live in a vibrant world where women work instead of work their marriage. People need to feel in control of their jobs instead of working blindly for the man. It adds a certain appreciation that we often take for granted.
The two characters are forced to use magic and funny complications to get through a dinner with Vision’s boss and his wife.
Wanda ruins dinner by reversing the time around the ingredients and turning chickens into eggs.
Vision smashes the rest of the food into bits and ends up singing terribly off key. In the end magic solves the couple’s problems. They find, however, that they can’t recall how long they’d been married or where they came from. Vision’s boss gets upset by this and leaves.
The show ends with a heartfelt talk and the credits roll, and a mysterious hand turns off the television.
The show alludes to a greater plot and lays down some twists and turns for the audience.
“WandaVision” is a promising show with lots of humor and satire that we crave today. It’s a show for the whole family with some hidden nods and jokes for an older crowd. It deserves the views of Marvel and Disney fans alike.
It is available exclusively on Disney+ and requires no extra fee to enjoy it. Come for the laughs and stay for the amazing subplot.
It truly is a masterful piece of work.



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