Former ‘The Voice’ contestant continues to impress listeners

Morgan Wallen’s album ‘If I Know Me’ shows off artist’s talent and range

Ali Smith, roundtable editor

Although Morgan Wallen debuted in 2014 on NBC’s “The Voice,” he did not become prominent until 2018 when he released his popular country album “If I Know Me.”
After listening to the album, it is hard to believe he didn’t advance further on “The Voice,” as his voice is like velvet; one in a million maybe.
His album begins with a collaboration with Florida Georgia Line, which is a band he covered on season six of “The Voice.”
Despite their individual talent, I do not enjoy the song as much as I expected.
It lacked something special about it, which should have been present with a collaboration that great.
Track three of the album is called “Had Me by Halftime,” which is by far one of my favorites.
It is the perfect song for fall as it describes football games, tailgating and a fall fling, which are some of the best things about fall, especially for high school and college students.
“Whiskey Glasses,” which comes fourth, is actually the first Morgan Wallen song I had ever heard.
It is a song that discusses heartbreak and the mental process Wallen goes through during this breakup.
It is an emotionally powerful track that ultimately leads the listeners toward the feeling of hope.
Sixth on the album comes “Redneck Love Song,” which sounds just like you are imagining. Tractors, pastors, sweet tea, the works. It is a quirky, cute love song.
“Little Rain” is the seventh song, which has a playful backtrack. It encompasses a rainy day spent in bed, relaxing with the one you love.
It is such a relaxing song when that goal can be achieved, but leaves the listener envious when life is chaotic or lonely.
“If I Know Me,” which is also the title of the album, comes next. This song establishes a romantic pattern within Wallen’s relationships.
He describes young, free and passionate love. By the end of the song, however, Wallen considers changing this pattern and holding on to this one.
Ninth is “Chasin’ You,” which is the song that made me fall in love with Wallen’s music. The lyrics, and the music, are filled with passion and longing for the one that got away.
This song, like “Whiskey Glasses,” is full of puns and symbolism related to alcohol.
“The Way I Talk” is the 10th song, which brings Wallen back to his roots in respect to his town, his parents and his patriotism, which all contributed to his country twang.
Toward the end of the album, the listeners’ interest fades with track 11, 12 and 13. The final track, however, titled “Talkin’ Tennessee,” is sure to intrigue readers before the album comes to a close.
It is a romantic song, which you could probably find a sweet couple swaying to in a country bar scene.
As a whole, this is an impressive album. There are a few interest gaps, however, but with time, experience and increased popularity, Wallen will be sure to fully deliver with the next release.