Luke Combs declares, ‘What You See Is What You Get’

Ali Smith, roundtable editor

The title of Luke Combs’ American Country Music award-winning Album of the Year is also the perfect descriptor of his personality, which is what makes him so popular today.
“What You See Is What You Get” kicks off with the perfect song to establish Combs’ personality and style, “Beer Never Broke My Heart.”
This song is full of humorous puns related to drinking and failed relationships, which just about everyone can relate to.
“Refrigerator Door,” the next track on the award-winning album, is an emotional song that relies heavily on the nostalgia of our childhoods and the significance of a refrigerator door for a household, including all of the memories it can hold.
This may not be one of his most popular songs, but it is a sure-cure for homesickness.
My personal favorite song on the album is third, titled, “Even Though I’m Leaving.”
This song has military roots and also discusses a deep paternal relationship, which are each very important to me.
The song is tremendously emotional and adds depth to Combs’ personality and likability.
The first romantic song, “Lovin’ on You,” is more than likely about his new bride, Nicole Hocking.
It is a fun, passionate song, introducing his tremendous love for her.
The couple officially tied the knot on Aug. 8.
“Moon Over Mexico,” is a song that cannot be left out of this review. It is another deeply passionate song about love.
The instruments in this album are typical for the country genre; however, the richness and depth of his voice, as highlighted in this song, are what makes it unique and exceptional.
Tracks six through eight carry the same amazing voice, but they have the same sound and feel as the rest.
The middle of every album, even the greatest, sometimes succumbs to this fault.
Track nine, “Reasons,” is a refreshing pick-me-up from the lull of the previous three songs.
This song reveals Combs’ hometown, down-to-earth values, and it is something that everyone from a small town can appreciate.
This dynamic of Combs’ personality continues in “Does to Me,” which is the only song on the album with a feature. Eric Church and Combs collaborated to make a song about the small things in life which mean the most to them.
This song is an important reminder that celebrities are only humans at the end of the day.
“Angels Workin’ Overtime,” the 14th song on the album, reveals a reckless, country-boy side of Combs in a fun, upbeat way.
The 17th song, “Better Together,” is one of the most romantic songs I have ever heard.
Nearly every time I listen to it, it brings tears to my eyes and makes me think of the one who means the most to me.
It is such a deeply emotional song and this is what makes it one of his best.
The final song on the album is called “Six Feet Apart,” which was released in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Everyone can relate to this song, as it has forced families to remain isolated from one another.
This is just one of the many emotional effects COVID-19 has had on our world.