Branch out and find your own ‘Community’ on Netflix

The 2010s cult favorite NBC series brings laughs to old and new fans alike


Benjamin Haylett, arts & leisure editor

I’m going to start this by saying that I feel like I have zero free time anymore.
My course load is as big as it has ever been, and if I am not studying, I am stressing out that I should be studying.
With that in mind, if I do have free time, I want to spend it watching quality programming, and “Community” on Netflix is just what the doctor ordered.
“Community” follows a group of students from all walks of life as they attend Greendale Community College.
One is a former lawyer, another is a jock who peaked in high school, and another is a recently divorced housewife, and the list goes on and on.
No matter their differences, the group has one thing in common. They want to get an education and better their lives.
Unfortunately for them, they are all pretty much broke, so Greendale was the cheapest option.
The beauty of the diverse cast that “Community” has is that it allows just about everyone to have a character to whom they can relate.
This opens the floodgates for viewers to become emotionally invested in each of the character’s lives and interactions with other students.
Being a college student now makes the show especially poignant, as it speaks to the struggles that all students go through at one point or another. The fact that they are all broke is another point that hits home with many people attending college, so that’s a nice touch that the creators added as well.
Like any classic sitcom, “Community” is a perfect show to just have on in the background.
It isn’t an intense drama that demands your full attention, but it has its heartfelt moments.
The perfect thing about the show is that it is only 22 minutes, so whenever you have an awkward amount of time on your hands between classes, it is totally doable to just go throw an episode on and zone out.
One of the standout performances of “Community” is that of a young Donald Glover.
While some people may know him from his roles in “The Martian” or “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” the general population is more familiar with Glover’s work under the pseudonym Childish Gambino.
Considering that the show is more of a cult favorite, it is easy to see why many of his fans have no idea that he is also an actor, and has been an actor for so many years.
It is very interesting to see one of my favorite rappers play such a goofy role, but it is easy to see why this was his breakout role.
He is able to do more in the short runtime of the episode than most of the other actors combined.
The other fan favorite character is that of the Dean, who, much like Michael Scott before him, makes constant inappropriate remarks with the best of intentions.
It is difficult to get through one episode where the Dean doesn’t have a line that will just make you cry laughing.
Whether you need a break from classes, or you have a couple hours to spare and are looking to binge some quality television from the 2010s, I cannot recommend “Community” enough.
There is something in each episode for just about everyone, and it is on Netflix, so just about everyone under the sun has access to it.