‘Pokémon Journeys’ breathes new life into the classic series


Morgan Schmitt, staff writer

Many of us have probably played Pokémon or at least watched the show growing up. It is one of those shows where hope and perseverance are most prevalent.
The show has gone through many changes in characters through the different series, but now with its latest series, “Pokémon Journeys,” it is taking a completely new direction that revitalizes the franchise as a whole.
“Pokémon Journeys” starts out with our hero, Ash Ketchum, back home in Pallet town. He has won his very first tournament and is now looking for a new adventure. His mother and Professor Oak take him to a Pokémon lab where he is recruited to become a Pokémon researcher.
Now Ash and his new friend, Goh, are traveling to all the regions to solve Pokémon mysteries and catch all the new friends they can.
For multiple seasons, the “Pokémon” formula has been untouchable. Ash finds two or three companions in a new region, usually a girl trainer his age, a gym leader and sometimes a 6-year-old kid. The newfound gang would go from gym to gym with mini adventures in between. Once all badges were acquired Ash would enter the tournament where he would inevitably lose.
Admittedly, this show is aimed at a target audience made up of 10-year-olds, and thus the simple plot is to be expected, but as the target audience grew up, we are now looking for a show more substantial.
Nowadays Pokémon is being geared toward adults and teens thanks to the release of Pokémon Go for Apple and Android. This new series acknowledges the need for growth.
The first change is Ash’s team. Instead of a female trainer or gym leader, he has Goh, another trainer the same age and gender as him. There is no other companion on these adventures.
Another change is the main goal of the show. While Ash still wants to be a Pokémon master, he has stopped fighting gyms and obtaining badges. Instead, he is focusing on catching Pokémon and decoding the mysteries of evolution.
The Pokémon themselves have gone through a change as well.
Now each episode reveals more about your favorite Pokémon’s behavior and lifestyle. They promote capture through more friendly tactics and less through battling.
Pokémon have always communicated with one another, but in this latest season it has been taken to a whole new level. They live together and help one another in life-threatening events.
It is even evident that the main branch of the franchise is shifting toward the Pokémon Go route, as in “Pokémon Journeys,” Pokémon Go gyms are being built. It appears “Pokémon” is changing for the better.
This show gives a refreshing take on the franchise we all know and love. With plenty of new characters and information on old Pokémon the limit is sky high.
It is a show that is not only for little kids anymore but will always be for the little kid in all of us. It is highly recommended to give this show a watch. Gather up younger family members and enjoy the show that all ages can now officially enjoy.