The Knight begins using social media

The Gannon Knight is continuing to meet the technological demands of today’s society.
One of today’s most aggressive gadget-driven duties involves keeping up with online social networks. Interactivity is not only a big part of our everyday real life, but people these days (especially the younger generation) are making their mark on the Internet.
The Internet has seen a massive amount of data sharing and networking ever since its conception.
Now, people rarely send postcards or letters. Instead, they do it via e-mail, Myspace, Friendster and Facebook.
With that said, we are excited to announce that the official Gannon Knight Facebook page is up and running.
As a news organization, we appreciate the many readers who pick up our newspaper every week.
And with Facebook, it will be easier to find your weekly source for university news.
Some readers send us feedback for suggestions, corrections and comments via e-mail or regular mail, which is always encouraged and appreciated.
Facebook adds another dimension to that in which you can “like” our page, get updates to appear in your news feed and even comment on individual posts. The powerful social networking tool also allows us to link our website,, to our Facebook page.
With Facebook, we hope that you the reader interact even more so that we can develop a closer sense of community.
Feel free to post your opinions, drop us a line or interact with our staff members right on the world’s most popular social network.
 The Gannon Knight has also created a Twitter page at
Twitter is one of the easiest ways to share little tidbits of information online.
Try it; you just might like it.